Corrugated Box Machines

Vertical Type Corrugated Box Machines

We are catering vertical type machines that are at par with international standards. These machines are available with twin shaft reel stand with a maximum output of 50 RFT per minute. Our machines are easy to operate with the help of manual loading.

Oblique Type Corrugated Box Machines

We are fabricating high-speed oblique type machines that have high production capacity with increased efficiency. These machines are provided with rolls mounted on roller bearings. This further, enables the machine for smooth and longer service life. Apart from this, our machines are available with gum tray movement device and centralized lubrication system.

3/5 Ply Corrugated Board Making Plants

We cater 3/5 ply corrugated board making plants that are widely used in offering different solutions to our clients. These plants are perfect for higher production capacity and quality boards. These are helpful in reducing the high production costs. We offer CHALLENGER

Sheet Pasting Machines

We are providing sheet pasting machines that are made of quality raw material procured from certified vendors. These machines are widely used for gluing the fluted side of two-ply board to make corrugated board of different plies. Apart from this, these machines are widely appreciated for high speed of 150 meters/minute and are available in 3 rolls and 4 rolls model.

Reel To Sheet Cutter Machines

We are offering reel to sheet cutter, which are specially designed for high production. With the help of these cutters, we provide straight cutting of sheet or two ply corrugated boards. Apart from this, these machines can be synchronized with corrugation machine. Our cutters are also provided with PIV chain gearbox, which helps in adjusting cutting length of sheet (18" to 100"). Also, these cutters have high speed of 200 feet per minute.

Four Bar Rotary Cutting Machines

We are catering four bar rotatory cutting machines that are used for creasing and cutting corrugated board. These machines are provided with creasing and cutting heads, which are adjustable. Apart from this, these machines are available with two side gauges for accuracy in cutting and creasing of boards. These are widely appreciated for high speed of 300 ft. per minute with minimum distance between two dies is 3 inches.

Eccentric Slotter Machines

We are fabricating eccentric slotter machines with quality raw material suing advanced technology. These machines are available with two side gauges, which are essential for accurate feeding. These machines are suitable for three slots and one corner cutting and the distance between them is adjustable. These are adjusted with gear and rack mechanism available with the machines. Apart from this, the minimum distance between the two dies is 7 with corner width of 3.5.

Vertical & Oblique Corrugation Machines

High Speed Single Face Corrugation Machine offers high production capacity and increased efficiency as compared to other models. Rolls are mounted on roller bearings for smooth running and longer life. The machine is provided with gum tray movement device, which becomes operational when gum unit is disengaged from rollers. Stream shower is provided for perfect formation of flutes and centralized lubrication. The maximum output with stream heating is approximately 300 ft. per minute.


Size 42" 52" 62"
Motor H.P 7.5 10 10
Stream required kg./Hr. 300 300 400
Wieght App. (M.T) 4.5 5 5.5
Floor Space 7.0' X 16' 8.5' X 16' 9.5' X 16'

Reel to Sheet Cutter

Reel to Sheet Cutter Machine is ideal For Converting Reel Form Of Paper into Desired Sheet Sizes. This Machine is quite accurate and the best thing abouut it is this machine Quite Soundless during working and havingh Highr accuarcy.
This Machine is provided with a Table Chart and According to the chart the gears can be changed to change the cut size. Sheet Counter with Auto Cut is provided along with this machine and Variable Speed AC/DC Drive is Provided along with this machine.
This Machine is also widely used in Pper Plate Industry.
Sizes are as follows:
36" 42" 52" 62" 66" 72"

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